What is A Guardian Chronicle series about?

Have you ever felt like you were missing something? Josslyn did, only to learn she descends from an ancient lineage of caretakers. By discovering the unseen realm around her, the fallen begin their hunt.

A Guardian Chronicle series by A. Russell

When one adventure ends, it signals the start of another. Truer words have never been spoken for Josslyn Ward. After the death of her parents, she made her career her priority, following her instincts and constantly aspiring to be better. But when a mysterious timepiece was pressed in to her hand, she was thrust into a realm rarely seen by humans.  Worlds collided, as she embarked on the path less traveled. What could she possibly get in to?

A little bit of adventure. A little bit of love. A little bit of travel in space and time. And, a lot about letting go. Journey with Josslyn, as she takes the next step, going from feeling not good enough to confident and capable. She learns and hones the remarkable gift she wasn’t aware she had.

A Guardian Chronicle: Journal One reveals how Josslyn comes to possess an heirloom from a caretaker lineage. As she peels away layers of an unseen society, she takes up the mantle and jumps. She faces the demons awaiting her.

A Guardian Chronicle: Journal Two showcases her journey where decisions aren’t always easy, but are necessary. As a new season begins, her power and light grow. She learns to sharpen her abilities and stand against the enemies weaving through the fabric of time. Heat sparks from blades…and hearts, as well.

“I believe in you and me, coming out of this on top, no matter how harrowing it may be.”

In A Guardian Chronicle: Journal Three‘s gripping final installment, life is forever altered. There’s movement in the darkness and in the echo of banishment. As the threat of the ages lurks among the shadows, deception ripples through time, from former friends and foes alike. Josslyn and company prepare for battle and the gears are in motion, ticking faster than she can jump. These pages reveal the final stepping stones to her heart…and possibly life, the last remaining sacrifice.

It’s the conclusion of the story that started all that time ago, when Josslyn changed the course of her life’s direction by embracing a risk, jumping toward what scared her. These are the final words of her story.

Or, is it?

A Guardian Chronicle: Journal One
A Guardian Chronicle: Journal Two
A Guardian Chronicle: Journal Three

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