About A. Russell

A. Russell author of A Guardian Chronicle series #AGuardianChronicle

Weaving fantasy, faith (in God, yourself & cultivating it in others) & what we’ve accepted as normal, with the expectation of bringing joy & escaping the ordinary to build strength.

That line is an accurate representation of how Audrey thinks & what motivates her to focus on the future. Her goal is to encourage & motivate others, while helping them think outside of the box we so often place ourselves in. 

As author of A Guardian Chronicle fantasy series, she created an unseen universe within our own, showcasing how the protagonist (a strong, capable woman named Josslyn) escaped the ordinary of life by taking a chance & following her heart. Facing new challenges & obstacles, she learned & became something more than what she thought she was.

Audrey enjoys helping people grow, whether sharing thoughts on her blog or engaging with others across social media. The basis is belief & faith. She’s always looking for an opportunity or open door to propel herself & others. And, would enjoy helping someone or company with the same vision. Working from home has a variety of benefits & she’s always on the lookout out for remote content writing opportunities that contribute to development & growth. 

Audrey creates content across multiple platforms, including WordPress & Medium, where she’s a contributing writer at Change Your Mind, Change Your Life. 

As a professional, with over 15 years of providing conflict resolution, guest experience & customer service, she understands how communication, leadership & mentorship mold the relationships of individuals, companies & clients. She thinks inspiration & motivation are the keys to growth, whether personal or professional, in order to believe in yourself & build something amazing.

If this aligns with your mission, vision & values, please reach out via email to chat. She’s always looking for opportunities.

Her books are available on Amazon. #AGuardianChronicle