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The 4 C’s: Curiosity, Confidence, Courage & Constancy

The 4 C’s: Curiosity. Confidence. Courage. Constancy. Where I Can Starts.

“The secret of making dreams come true can be summarized in four C’s. They are Curiosity, Confidence, Courage, and Constancy; and the greatest of these is Confidence.” – Walt Disney

Curiosity. Confidence. Courage. Constancy.

Those four words are ones I’ve heard tied to success again and again. Do they tie to your dreams? They should.

When you have a dream, it starts with a spark of what if curiosity. What if…I tried? …I succeeded? …This worked? …This could take me to a new level? It’s the catalyst to the questions that play in your mind and won’t let go. It’s a piece of the puzzle that your mind cannot move away from and, secretly, you don’t want it to disappear from your thoughts.

Are you curious?

If you aren’t curious at this point, you won’t take action. You won’t discover what’s on the other side of the wall, underneath the blanket or behind the curtain. You won’t get any further ahead than where you are now.

And, let me be clear.

It’s OK if you aren’t curious and you have what you want in life. It’s OK to not want to know what the next step or the next level looks like. Many people are content with what they have and it’s a very good thing. It’s important to find joy where you are and in living your life the way you want.

But…for those of you who are curious, you call it something else. Complacency. That’s the key piece that differentiates those who are curious and those who aren’t. That word pricks at the mind of the curious. Complacency is a fear invoking word that drives you to find the courage to move forward, however hard it may be or unclear your vision of the process and journey to the finish line is. Perhaps, you only know the finish line’s marker.

This is the point where the curious person crunches down and questions…everything. Why not me? What is standing in my way? How do I work through, or around, here to get there? After those questions are answered, courage roots deep and discipline forms. When you want to get to the other side, the curious person gathers their courage, buckles down and keeps going. They determine what they believe is needed for success and they grab hold and run.

Do you have courage?

Because, I’m welcoming you to the constancy phase.

You will try again and again, often times failing repeatedly, until a glimmer of success twinkles along your eyesight. And, you’ll keep going…now with your vision honed in on the final leg, where you spy the prize. This phase shakes and shatters you, as you form the new version of yourself and create your new normal. This is the spot where you reach the end of your race and your dreams come true. 

What dreams do you wish would come true? Are you prepared for your constancy phase?

Buckle up and prepare yourself.

But first, let’s take a pause for a moment. We’re at the most important piece of the puzzle. It’s the glue that holds the dream together and also the pivotal piece that forms and finishes the shape of the building blocks to reveal the entire picture. None of the above matters without confidence.

Confidence is your mindset. Your mindset is your greatest asset and greatest enemy. It begins and ends with you. The confidence that you have in yourself is what makes your dreams come to fruition, because you believe it. 

Do you have confidence?

Without confidence, you’ll fail, before you get started.

Now is the time to think and reflect. Do any of these C’s apply to you? Can you apply these to your life and make your dreams come true? Do you believe?

Are disciplined enough to embrace every phase?

Because, that’s where curiosity coalesces with confidence, molding your courage and forming your groundwork for constancy.

It’s where I can starts.

(Blog based off 3Dec2019 post from my LinkedIn page.)

By A.Russell

Author of A Guardian Chronicle sci-fi fantasy series.

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