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You are More

“The problem human beings face is not that we aim too high and fail, but that we aim too low and succeed.” – Michelangelo

Oh, Michelangelo! How amazing were his gifts?

Michelangelo (Buonarroti, for those few curious souls) wrote one of my favorite poems, which also has one of my favorite lines of all time: 

“Nor all the shows of beauty shed around….This fair false world her wings to earth have bound” 

Celestial Love is the name of the poem those lines are taken from & I encourage you to look up his written works. He was more than a painter. Not many that I’ve spoken to have known he was more than what we thought.

And, doesn’t that apply to all of us? How many of us are more and have more to offer than what others, or ourselves, may think?

As I reread both lines, they tie in a bit more than I originally thought. Michelangelo was right. Many times we aim too low and succeed, becoming complacent or believing in falsehoods. Has this happened to you?

What if you pushed what’s holding you back aside? What if you kept going when you couldn’t see the details, but only the end game? What if you aimed for the stars?

Are you afraid? If so, why? Is it out of fear of failure or what other people think? Perhaps you don’t feel like you’re good enough. Or maybe it’s the prickly poke of the dreaded imposter syndrome. (By the way, imposter syndrome is simply a lie with a fancy name.)

Regardless of the reason, you owe it to yourself to set your goals high. You are more. Don’t believe the falsehoods by selling yourself short. Because, the result is that you’ll be left wanting. A desire that makes your chest flutter is there for a purpose. Your dreams are there for a reason. You owe it to yourself to pay attention to it. 

There will be naysayers, whether external or internal. Listen, but don’t take it to heart. There’s something to learn from that dialogue & it may give you momentum to prove to yourself or others that you were made to soar, journeying where you feel in your heart you must.

What discipline will you need to propel yourself to new heights? Take a moment to focus & forecast.

What could happen when you achieve your goal? Make that your motivation.

Aim high & be unafraid to fail, because it isn’t failing if you tried. It’s an opportunity for improvement, because you learned something valuable. You learned how not to do what you did. And, that’s a win. 

Keep going, keep stretching yourself & keep your focus aimed high. Keep moving toward that star.

You’ll eventually take the step that sets you where you need to be, where you were destined to be…aligned with the stars of the galaxy.

Your stars. And, shine! As only you can.

Where do you want to shine? 

Now, look up & aim for that!

… … …

… … …

(Originally posted on 21Nov19 here.)

#dreams #inspiredliving #motivation

By A.Russell

Author of A Guardian Chronicle sci-fi fantasy series.

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