Discipline & Growth Writing

The Block…or Blind Spot

Is it writer’s block? Maybe something different will help.

Have you ever been in the middle of a project, only to lose your train of thought? Perhaps you’ve stared at a blank computer screen for far too long?

There are many articles about writer’s block. It happens to every writer. At least, I think it does. There could be a mystical person somewhere in the world, who never had to experience the frustration & irritation. If there is, I hope to meet them one day. It would be a pleasure, and beneficial, to find out their secrets to smooth, unencumbered writing. But until then…

How do you deal with the blank spot in your mind? Or is it more that your head is unfocused & you’re not able to clear out the fog? Perhaps instead, your thoughts wander?

One of the things I noticed early on in my writing journey is that I need to keep a pen & paper handy to jot down any thoughts. I also, on occasion, tend to speak in to my phone. Since the day something unlocked in my chest & this writing adventure began, my mind hasn’t shut off. If I don’t get the filler out, it backs up & I lose focus.

It took me a while to discover what works for me. And, the solution came when I began creating prompts.

If I’m struggling to move the story along, I write a prompt in my book. If a random scene is playing in my mind, but it doesn’t fit my story, I scribble it in the same side journal. The little black book may be a treasure trove for a short story compilation one day. That will remain to be seen. (If it happens, you’ll be the first to know.😉)

This method is how I get back on track. By clearing my mind and writing the prompt, whether one sentence or twenty, my mind empties of the intrusive thoughts. Or, it clears & resets my mind to move forward. It may take me more than one try, if my head is particularly active one day. So, I’ll do it again. And again, if needed.

How do you work through a writer’s block? Or push through unfocused thoughts? Or steady yourself, when your mind travels to a place your story isn’t destined to go?

I’d love to hear how you work through.

The method I use may not be for everyone. But I encourage you to try it the next time you’re stumped & can’t seem to move forward. After all, discipline comes in a variety of forms & being able to identify & do to move forward is important in all areas of life.

Plus, you may just find your next book topic by writing a compelling paragraph or two. I hope you do.

Are you going to try writing prompts to clear writer’s block?

By A.Russell

Author of A Guardian Chronicle sci-fi fantasy series.

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