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Recipe for Discipline or Disaster?

Discipline is the determination to figure it out and understanding when to reach out.

What exactly is discipline? Do you have goal sheets or workbooks?

A while back, I shared my personal goal sheet. It’s a combination of numerous sources, which I titled Write It. Read It. Run It. after being inspired by a sermon I heard from Bishop TD Jake’s. I knew my page count, countdown to goal, when I needed up (cheers to you 5am!☕) and when I had to work nights or weekends.

But, it doesn’t fit anymore. Have you ever been in a spot where guidance for you level isn’t working?

The past month has been trying, not because I don’t have direction – I do. It’s because I’ve been trying to so the same thing, the same way. Even though things aren’t the same. I’m in a different spot. And by not adjusting what I did from my last level, I’m not growing, but floundering.

Here’s the important piece… I’ve outgrown where I was. Have you?

It’s time to level up.

I’ve made a mental effort to strip off any negativity or burdensome thoughts from self-imposed, or otherwise, stress and embark with renewed discipline. The new path requires it, because there will be new challenges. Though I’m in a bit of limbo, because I don’t fully understand the next step, herein lies the key.

Can you guess it?

Being able to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement is vital in any business, whether you’re self-employed or not. An essential part of success is honesty with yourself on where and how you need to outsource. This will save you time and energy, as well as frustration.

After finishing the final draft of my first book, I realized fairly quickly I was good at long copy, but loose on short bursts of written content. I struggled to keep it tight and concise. I reached out for help from another writer, because I needed a synopsis for the back cover. I was thrilled with her work and happy I asked for help. The weeks (perhaps I’m a slow learner…maybe a tad stubborn.) leading up to that decision had me in a near panic. Here I was, nearly finished book in hand and no summary. It had the potential for disaster. It felt like I failed and I questioned my work, based on something I wasn’t able to identify, in turn having the discipline to succeed.

That’s when I had an epiphany. Ever have one of those moments?

I couldn’t wear all the hats. Not being able to tick a box on my list…was a hard pill to swallow. I prided myself on independence. But not adjusting, not having the discipline to know my limitations would have ended in failure. Disaster.

Take a moment to think about your strengths. Now, where are your opportunities for improvement?

It’s OK. I know it’s hard. We believe in ourselves. But we aren’t designed to do it all, all the time. Discipline is the determination to figure it out and understanding there’s no room for self-sufficiency and stubbornness in our areas of opportunity. It’s identifying ourselves and being steadfast in self improvement.

Because really, there’s no place to level up to, without it.

Where can you be more disciplined?

By A.Russell

Author of A Guardian Chronicle sci-fi fantasy series.

4 replies on “Recipe for Discipline or Disaster?”

[…] Discipline is the reason I have a novel. Prayer, late nights, early mornings, at times tears and lots of tea provided the frame work for achieving my goals. My mindset is what I needed to work on to get to this point. It’s been said that if you change the way you think, you change your life. It’s true. And it takes practice & determination. (Sidenote: If you’d like more on mindset. I’m a contributor at Change Your Mind, Change Your Life on Medium & those are articles are unique to the site.) […]


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