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Clipped to Thrive…Growth

Is there anything you need to evaluate in order to thrive today? How can you grow?

What exactly is growth?

A few weeks ago, I noticed my aloe plant’s leaves were hollowing out & turning brown. I was surprised, because of how lush they once were. After clipping one of the stalks, I confirmed the scent was off. With too much water in the soil & not enough air, it began to rot.

I clipped & snipped, hoping one of them would smell the way it should. It was down to the core, when I realized it smelled like aloe again. So, I trimmed any remaining brown & repotted it.

Have you ever needed to trim off what was once so fruitful? Did you ever need fresh soil or a relocation?

I didn’t have much hope for my little shrub. I barely watered it during this time, which I hoped would dry it out enough to recover. I prayed for growth. So, I kept a close eye & plucked any dead pieces. A week went by & I wondered if my once luxurious plant had died.

After a few weeks, to my delight, it happened. With a new stalk popping its head out of the middle, the aloe began to grow! My little green spike was looking like a wannabe baby groot & I couldn’t have been happier.

I also couldn’t help correlating it to other things in life.

This plant was on the brink of death, because it didn’t have a healthy mix. The conditions weren’t right. Therefore, the plants life wasn’t thriving, but holding on for dear life, barely surviving.

Do you have the right conditions? How many times have we took inventory of our environment? How many times have we needed refertilized or replanted or trimmed in order to grow?

Sometimes taking ourselves out of the elements, having new soil or even a new pot is the best thing for us. Often we don’t realize it, until we smell the rot or notice a dead stalk. It seemingly happens overnight. One side glance making us notice what we should have seen but didn’t. Maybe it was the angle of the light or a shadow that kept it hidden, and we’re horrified for a moment, before we take action. The simple act of change can take us from striving to thriving.

If this little plant can do it, so can you. A small adjustment can help you flourish. You can go from barely surviving to thriving. This aloe did.

And, aren’t you more important?

Is there anything you need to evaluate in order to thrive today? How can you grow?

By A.Russell

Author of A Guardian Chronicle sci-fi fantasy series.

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