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Applied Faith

Faith is action. Faith itself isn’t passive.

Verbatim, it stated: “Faith is a state of mind which may develop by conditioning your mind to receive Infinite Intelligence. Applied Faith is the adaptation of the power received from Infinite Intelligence to a definite major purpose.”

As I was reading through The Seventeen Principles of Success from Napoleon Hill, I came across that phrase & it made me pause. Since then, it’s been circling in my mind.

What are your thoughts on those two lines?

I’ve read it a number of times & somewhat disagree with them. If you have faith, do you need an extra step to further your progress?

To me, faith is action. Faith itself isn’t passive. If you have it, you automatically have the desire to dive deeper, because you already believe & want to flourish. You want to understand, want the enlightenment & want the knowledge. You want to keep moving.

Is it possible to have faith, but not grab on to it and go?

The only way you wouldn’t “apply” it is if you had no faith at all, because you wouldn’t believe in anything at that point to continue on to or with. Meaning you didn’t actually have faith at the start of the journey.

…or maybe it’s more about traveling the path, even if it’s foggy. You believe there’s something on the other side of the valley, even though you cannot see it. Perhaps it’s treading small steps, because you believe, but you doubt the unseen part of the process. (Whether the doubt is in yourself or others… I’m not certain it matters which.)

What are your thoughts?

Help me out and shoot me a comment below. I’d love to read others point of view on this.

By A.Russell

Author of A Guardian Chronicle sci-fi fantasy series.

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