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Moments…and How They Impact Us

Transform your next setback(or what’s perceived as one) into a setup.

What was your moment today?

When I was a manager, one of my goals was to cultivate a pleasant, proactive & engaging atmosphere. A piece of that included handing out journals to my team. The small, gray books provided them the opportunity to focus on one positive, even if the day had a lot going on or was trying. In business, you’re often told when issues arise, but not always when good things happen. What if we took a moment or two to think the day through? The journals were meant to be a starting point to see the positive in any situation. Because, when you start focusing your mind, your mindset changes. You begin to see what really matters vs. what’s simply background noise.

One simple act of reflection has the capacity to construct a new outlook.

Whether its a circumstance, relationship or job…maybe we should take a hard look at ourselves, our situations or environment. We’re pounded all day from non-stop negative news cycles, political, environmental, world in crisis, now what news. Add that to coworkers we don’t communicate well with, friend & family drama or a situation we refuse to remove ourselves from, it knocks us down. How many of us believe there are things that will never change? A lot of times, I believe, this is unconscious on our part. It gets ingrained in our heads — this is just how it is.

It’s not. Don’t believe the lie.

Make your choice today. Transform your next setback(or what’s perceived as one) into a setup. Instead of seeing a circumstance to lament about, make it an opportunity for improvement. Unlock the situation.

If you need a few minutes to stew or let off steam, by all means. Take a walk. Have some chocolate. Journal it. Do whatever (nonharmful) thing will make you feel a little better.

But then…

Reflect. Take yourself out of the moment. Could anything have been done differently? What have you learned? Can this become a positive?

Next, pull up those big girl knickers (or pants, for you boys) & keep going. With your new attitude.

You got this. It was a pothole in the path, not the long road of life. Because your life means more. You mean more.

Take those moments & make them something magnificent.

What was your magnificent moment today?

By A.Russell

Author of A Guardian Chronicle sci-fi fantasy series.

2 replies on “Moments…and How They Impact Us”

Such a beautiful post, Audrey. Very Inspiring and beautifully written. I unfortunately can’t share my magnificent moment of the day because I would then reveal a coming surprise that will feature in our October issue of When Fashion and Nature Collide. Let’s just say the situation was handle with style and calmness and even if things did not turned out as expected there is positive in the experience. Thanks for sharing this magnificent blog post! -Dominique

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