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Beginnings & endings…What about the middle?

This space between the beginning & end may be quiet, but its not inactive.

Have you ever felt like you were at the end, but also the beginning? I’m not talking about closing & opening doors. I mean, teetering on that thread of the space between?

Sometimes, it feels more like a chasm. It’s the midst of that no-man’s land…where you had a plan to get to a certain point, see an outline of what’s to come, but the middle is questionable. You have the bigger picture, but the details are elusive. It’s the early aroma, before completion of the dish. And, the hint teases with a small grin.

With the first three of my fantasy series complete, I’m on the cusp of what’s next. There will be more books, both in the recent universe I created and not. But what about the here & now? How do I become better? Where can I grow? What can I do now to make then better? Or…do I let it alone?

Once I started writing, I couldn’t stop. Something physically unlocked in my chest and I had to run it. Now that the initial push is over, I’m contemplating & circling & wondering. There’s only so much you can research, only so much you can do, before everything feels grey. Maybe the middle doesn’t matter?

But, here’s the thing. It does.

The space between is a merging of colors, bridging what was with what is to come. It’s the coalescence of past & future, weaving together to form the present. This space between may be quiet, but its not inactive. In fact, it may possibly one of the most active places there is. With the bulk of the work, or initial push, over, this is the spot where it simmers. Like a good sauce, you add the ingredients, mix…cook…then eat & enjoy.

And, I’m learning to lean in to the grace of the gray with gratitude, during the cooking stage. I’m remembering that there’s a time for everything and a purpose within the process. It may feel like the a shaded gap, hovering between inedible & edible, but it’s really preparation for success.

What are our choices? We either take the sauce off the stovetop too soon, burn it or be patient while it’s timed just right. And, I’m determined to step with patience & embrace the grace, during the simmer. I’ll add a few ingredients here & there. Because what’s added in the middle matters. That’s what forms the final product. Getting from here to there, by simmering well and keeping on, is the only real choice.

How about you? Are you in between? What steps can you take to make sure the sauce turns out like you want?

By A.Russell

Author of A Guardian Chronicle sci-fi fantasy series.

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