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(Focus in) Navigating the Gap

The gap. How you navigate, pushing through to the other side, it is up to you.

Is it a gap…or is it a thread of a fine line?

I’m on a mission. I want to understand the place between seeing and believing. The spot between. The grey area. And, I’m becoming obsessed.

There’s a gap in all of us, whether we recognize it or not. It’s between the peoples of our society. Between spirituality, religion and culture. Between seen and unseen. Between expectation and reality. Between who we are and what we do. Between the supernatural and the physical worlds. The phrase Minding the Gap comes to mind and it’s not confined to the London Underground.

Have you ever felt like there was a gap? Like you were missing something? Josslyn did. And, she jumped.

I’m not going to give much away on what direction A Guardian Chronicle journals will take. There will be more than the initial trilogy, because there’s always more to the story. In everything. Though it’s a fantasy novel, I think it may raise some questions. It may make you think. What I offer for now is, how does Josslyn navigate the space between in Journal Two?

You could argue it’s a correlation to the human conscience or to the holy spirit. Perhaps it’s simply her own indecisiveness or maybe it’s the physical connection she feels with her timepiece. I think that part is up for interpretation.

The second book runs through how she thinks, as well as how she feels during the, possibly, most important decision of her life. Could she be a caretaker for Earth, a guardian of her realm? Could it really be her truth? Could she be a caretaker and still be her? Could she remain the same?

There are moments we question not only where, but who, we are in life, as we constantly develop, evolve & change roles. We discipline ourselves to be better & for growth.

Joss originally thought her where was important, which is why she left her successful career. At the time, she didn’t realize her own who was what she was missing. A curious, aspiring woman went from feeling incapable to recklessly confident. She embarked on a journey to the other side. She escaped the ordinary, the life she convinced herself was normal. Even though for her, it wasn’t.

So, can you straddle the gap? Is there a line? Or does it all ebb, flow and connect, weaving together to form something perfect and amazing?

For her, I think the gap is where she placed it. (Albeit unknowingly.) I believe her gap is more like a chasm of grey than harshly black and white. Throughout the books, you meet individuals who are maintaining the balance the best way they can. They’re treading the depths, ensuring individual uniqueness and free will remain. But, we see Joss teetering. She’s in the space between, where she feels isolated, like an island in the middle of chasm between human and caretaker, both of which she feels detached from. She feels like she’s on rocky terrain and not good enough.

Maybe it’s because she’s indecisive. Maybe she simply needs action, needs to keep moving. Maybe it’s not so complex after all.

How many of us have been there? Have you ever felt in between? In a worldly sense, Josslyn was very much alone. She knew there was a choice to be made. But did she make it? Because, without accepting the commitment, learning, embracing it and running it, she was living someone else’s life.

But, I think there’s a bigger question. Is it about what she learned & worked on, or about what’s been worked on through her? Is the gap about her or about what she’s had the capacity through the process to share? I think it’s debatable. What do you think?

And here we are, looping back around to the start of the post. What is the gap? Is it taking something and determining what it means to you? Is it allowing yourself to be molded by something you have no control over? For Josslyn, it was becoming a caretaker, a guardian for her realm and accepting who she is by lineage. But, how you mold that gap it is based on what you believe, feel and see.

Wait…didn’t Jack say something similar to that? “The gray area isn’t always necessarily harmless, but is always based on intent.

So, that means… Josslyn and I could hear the same piece of instrumental music and write two separate sets of lyrics. (Though admittedly, she’d want to pick a jazz piece and I’d want rock. Minor squabble.) It isn’t necessarily right or wrong, but is based on the emphasis that you place on it. It’s where you take it & where you stand.

The gap reveals itself in many forms, based on your unique sight. And, it’s rooted in your perspective on life. How you navigate, pushing through to the other side, it is up to you.

Where’s your gap? How will you navigate it?

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