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Worlds Collide: How A Guardian Chronicle Series is the Catalyst for a Chance Encounter

Worlds Collide: How A Guardian Chronicle is the Catalyst for a Chance Encounter. Though it happened in different universes, I remember the exact moment. In one universe, Josslyn Ward was typing her resignation letter on her phone. In the other, I was texting my husband, from the parking lot at work.

Months later, the two events would collide.

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It was the catalyst for a chance encounter. Though it happened in different universes, I remember the exact moment. In one universe, Josslyn Ward was typing her resignation letter on her phone. In the other, I was texting my husband, from the parking lot at work.

Months later, the two events would collide.

When I handed in my resignation as a manager, it was because I wanted to give my side hustle my full attention. Over and over, the phrase “this isn’t it” looped in my mind. I felt like I was missing something, but I wasn’t totally sure what. From outsider’s eyes, it didn’t make sense for me to quit my job. But, I got to the point where I knew I had to. Funny enough, I discovered later that those same thoughts were playing on another woman’s mind, in another universe. 

During the first few months of my new normal, I returned to writing. For the majority of my life, with the exception of the previous few years, I wrote poetry. (…that, I should note, only appealed to me.) As I got into it again and wrote more and more, my husband asked what I was doing. I told him and he said I should write a book, which is something he mentioned years earlier. I thought, what an interesting idea. I’ll gather my best poems and collect them for an anthology. 

He said, “No, no, Audrey. A novel.”

I stared up at him from my perch on the sofa, as he stood in front of me. A novel? How do you begin something like that? The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it. Something gripped me and it wouldn’t let go. I may not have known what I was doing, but I had to keep my feet moving. If this is part of my story, it will come together brilliantly.

Skip ahead. I blinked at the blank computer screen, having no idea what to type. So, I began where I was and it turned over and into something else. That’s the point where Joss and my worlds intersected. Filled with trepidation from my inexperience, I began to question if I could do this. I’m sure during this time, Joss was looking into business plans and other paperwork for launching a retail store. She was sifting through the stack of new hire applications and conducting interviews, before employing Evie and Annika.

There was a lot of researching, writing, editing, proofreading, researching, researching, endless daydreaming and expanding moments of life into prompts, while looking at Pinterest for checklists and how-to’s. (My look-books and notes are awesome. Did I ever mention I burned the first draft? I feel that bit of information is important to this story.) There was also a lot of failures and times I didn’t know what was needed or what to do next. As I realized sweatpants weren’t appropriate attire for errands (seeing as I hadn’t worn jeans or fixed my hair in weeks), Josslyn met Wren, before embarking on the path less traveled with Van.

Then, it happened. I remember the sensation and, in essence, the challenge. 

As I sat in front of my screen and prayed, it felt like something physically unlocked inside of me. I was compelled to write this book and write more. For me. For you. For the world. I needed to create this story to share, even if I didn’t know why. I was restless, unless working to create this universe, and could not stop. 

It was during the same time Joss was connecting with her timepiece and questioning who she was. I remember thinking that doing this is so much bigger than what I thought. Can I do this? Am I good enough? I realized I had to. I needed to figure this out, because the desires of your heart are there for a reason and, if this is part of my path – part of my journey – maybe I can inspire someone else. 

Sometimes taking a step of faith, following your dream or laying the groundwork for the desires of your heart seems like a fantasy. Perhaps that’s what this novel was for. Whether directly (by tangibly proving someone who didn’t know how to write a book could) or indirectly (by intangibly showing how you can take a chance or make a change to fulfill a longing), maybe this novel was for only one person, but maybe that one person could get something perfect and relevant out of it. Making their fantasy a reality.

Weaving faith and fantasy created a new universe, by offering an escape from the ordinary either temporarily or to encourage or motivate in real life. (Even if you can’t jump in time and space.)

Have you ever questioned if you’re good enough to follow the desire of your heart? 

If this speaks to you…

You can do it. You’ve got this. You are enough.

If you don’t know where to start, simply start. Then, keep going.

You will need focus to navigate this gap. Because others may not understand it and, at times, you may not be able to understand it yourself. And, you’ll need discipline. Because you might be doing it by yourself for a while. And, that’s OK, because you’ll grow and stretch further than you ever thought you could. Just don’t stop until it’s complete.

Josslyn’s path was traversing through the States, before heading to Europe and eventually jumping through space and time. My journey was writing A Guardian Chronicle series. Sure enough, Josslyn was just as confused and contemplative as I was. For a brief, awesome and invigorating moment, we were in the same spot, in different universes. If her experiences are challenging her to think differently, then maybe this is for me to think differently, too. Maybe this was written to inspire you to think differently, also.

Have you ever felt like you were missing something?

I did. I felt confined by a definition of life that I accepted as normal. I forgot, because I grew up. What I didn’t realize was that we’re all part of the whole and are meant to share the gifts we have with others. Creating this universe helped me acknowledge I was made for something different. Not necessarily something better, but definitely something else. 

Have you felt like you were made for something else?

Maybe you are. 

While this may be the time of stillness and reflection and actively waiting, as part of my journey, it may be the catalyst for embarking on yours. Reflect & pay attention to how you feel and think and what moves you. When passion meets purpose, it’s a beautiful thing. 

Where are your passions and do they align with your purpose? I hope, after thoughtful contemplation, you discover they do. But if not, make this moment the point where your life changes. Plan, process and proceed to the next chapter of your life with thankfulness for your experiences to this point and open eyes for traveling the path of your dreams for your future. And, watch the two weave together, coalescing into something extraordinary.

You only need a plan to escape the ordinary.

Finally, both stories fully entwined on the day after Thanksgiving 2018. I published my first novel. Josslyn finished jotting her adventures in the first blank book of her journal set.

And, A Guardian Chronicle: Journal One was born.

… … …

(Update & Edit on 16Jan2020:  AGC: Journal Two was introduced on 20June2019 and AGC: Journal Three was made available on 26Aug2019. While our universes separated after a certain point (at least in theory), Josslyn will forever be after my heart. Though, I still wish I would’ve had a piglet named Squash, when I was younger.)

By A.Russell

Author of A Guardian Chronicle sci-fi fantasy series.

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